Leading Organisation: Gazi Mustafa Kemal Anadolu Lisesi
Duration: 22/11/2021-26/11/2021
Activity type: Blended activity
Number of Local Participants: 250
A brief summary of activity
8 teachers and 17 students from 4 partner countries (Romania, France, Spain and Bulgaria)
participated in the activity physically, and from Italy 3 teachers and 4 students virtually. Locally many
students and teachers of the host school participate in the activities held at the school. The trainers
and managers of Tepebaşı Municipality participated in the activities by hosting the participants and
held various trainings. Faculty members at 2 universities in Eskişehir participated in the activity in
order to provide training on related subjects to the participants. Engineers and technicians at the
solid waste facility in Eskişehir informed the participants about the working mechanism of the facility,
greenhouse gas emissions and renewable energies by hosting them at their facilities. As a part of the
cultural and field trips outside the city, Akşehir Municipality’s trainers and managers also contributed
to the project.
By means of this activity the participants gained knowledge about greenhouse gases,
eliminated their pre-existing misconceptions, and improved their knowledge and skills about the
relationship between greenhouse gases and global warming. In partnership those who don’t have
enough space in their curriculum under the related title enriched their teaching methods and
techniques, they have used concrete outputs in the releated lessons. In all partner schools, work on
environmental curriculum has formed a basis from theory to practice.
How did the participation in this activity benefit the involved participants?
 They learned to study in cooperation, carry out experimence, solve problems and gain critical
thinking skills.
 They learned to measure carbon footprint and learned about precautions to reduce carbon
footprint. They understood the relationship between grenhouse gase and atmosphere, the
effects of global warming on climate change.
 They developed a sense of nature and gain an ecologic attitude by doing gardening and by
sapling activities. Moreover, they realised the extent of the problem after they visit the dry
lake and see loss of biodiversity.
 They enhanced their language skills since all activities were done in English. They also
enhanced their ICT skills by logo designing and presentation making.
 They got to know about new ideas and toughts thanks to mobilities. They developed their
skill on hand on activities.
 They gained a cultural understanding. They realised that all cultures are different but all
belong to European comminity and diversities are richness rather than obstacles.
 They learned about Turkish culture , language, education system and Eskişehir city.
 Participant teachers gained materials which can be used especially in Biology, Chemistry ,
Geography, Physics, Mats, ICT, English classes.
 Teachers learned how to apply some teaching methods like case study, workshop, outdoor
activities in their classes.
 Theachers had the opportunity to meet and cooperate with their European colleagues and
they gained a network for further coooperations.