Bulgaria Mobility (LTT 3)

LTT  Title: Biodiversity and Ecosystem services

City: Vratsa

Leading Organisation: PTG ‘’N.Y. Vaptsarov’’

Duration: 17.10-21.10/2022

Activity type: Physical Activity

Number of Local Participants:  80

A brief summary of activities

                11 teachers and 22 students from 4 partner countries (Turkey, Spain, Italy and Romania) participated in the activity physically. In addition locally, many students and teachers of the host school participated in the activities held at school and in the Nature conservation center “Natura”. Through a presentation they got acquainted with the protected plants and animals in the region, some endangered species, recognized the aroma of herbs that are found on the territory of Vrachanski Balkan. Participants from Turkey, Bulgaria, France, Romania, Italy and Spain showed presentations revealing “Biodiversity”, “Endangered Animals and Plants”, observed a lesson related to the effect of water acidification in the seas and oceans, sowed seeds in an organic garden, planted exotic trees.

An exceptional experience for the partners was tasting different types of honey, making frames for hives, as well as visiting the Historical Museum – Vratsa, the Belogradchik Rocks and the Magura and Ledenika caves. 

A presentation about STEM training and the participation of everyone in creating a logo related to the title of the project provoked great interest in all attendants.

  With the activities participants had a better understanding in Biodiversity and endangered plants and animals

How did the participation in this activity benefit the involved participants?