France Mobility (LTT 5)

In France mobility we focused on organic agriculture and sustainability.  13 teachers and 24 students from 5 partner countries (Bulgaria, Spain, Turkey, Romania, Italy) participated in the mobility . Locally many students and teachers of the host school participated in the activities held at the school and outside of school. During the mobility a lot of experts, local producers and technicians informed the participants about organic farming applications. Teachers of host and coordinator schools performed some trainings at the School. They were about ogranic lip palm creation  and using GMO  in agriculture. At the same time professional guides accompanied the group on culture and nature trips.

With the mobility participants  developed their knowledge and skills on organic agriculture, good farming practises, effect climate change on agriculture, relationship between drought and agriculture, making fertilizer out of domestic organic waste in order to contribute recycling.

With the competencies gained in the mobility organic gardening acitivities became more efficiient in partnership schools.  The skills gained as a result of the activities held in a region known for good agricultural practices contributed to increasing the quality of all studies on environmental education in partner schools. In addition, the events contributed to the enrichment of the schools’ curricula, especially Biology, Chemistry and Geography, with various applied activities.