Italia Mobility (LTT 6)

In italy mobility we focused on the effects of climate change on water. 11 teachers and 25 students from 5 countries (Bulgaria, Spain, Turkey, Romania, France) participated in the activity . Locally many students and teachers of the host school participated in the activities held at the school and outside. The Mayor and staff of Potenza Municipality by hosting the participants and they informed the participants about their activities on enviromental problems. Teachers of host school performed some trainings at the School. By student-centered active teaching methods and information technologies participants  recognized the impact of climate change on water, gained skills through some practical applications, learned about water footprint and the importance of water saving, water recycling processes, practices carried out around the world on these issues. In addition, this physical mobility is combined with virtual mobility. For this purpose, students participating in the mobility shared the poems, slogans, stories and pictures they prepared regarding the theme before the mobility on the Google Classroom tool.

All activities carried out in this mobility (experimental studies, produced outputs, methods and techniques) are arranged in a way that will contribute to the effective treatment of water-related parts, especially when teaching the environmental curriculum in schools. The partner schools are encouraged to participate in national or international water-related competitions and programs. With the activities organized, institutions were encouraged to develop various projects on these issues.