Spain Mobility (LTT 2)
LTT  Title:
City         : Leioa
Leading Organisation: Colegio Claret Askartza Ikastetxea
Duration: 09/05/2022-13/05/2022
Activity type: Physical Activity
Number of Local Participants: 250
A brief summary of activity
                12 teachers and 20 students from 5 partner countries (Turkey, Romania, France, Italy and Bulgaria) participated in the activity physically. In addition locally, many students and teachers of the host school participate in the activities held at the school. Mayor of Leioa Municipality, staff of Municipality participated in the activities by hosting and held various activities. Engineers at the wave plant in Mutriku informed the participants about the working mechanism of the facility.  Some engineers who are also parents at the host school, made presentations on renewable energies. Educators from non-governmental organizations working on the environment provided guidance on educational trips.
                With the activities participants realised how renewable energy could be used at most benefits in difficult geographic conditions like Mutriku. Participants also learned about alternative ways of supplying energy need and how renewable energy could be used in schools efficiently. Debates, workshops, educational trips, concrete products enriched the environmental curriculum of the relevant courses in participant schools. They offered innovative ideas for national fairs and competitions.The studies offered various ideas to institutions for STEM education.
How did the participation in this activity benefit the involved participants?
ü  All participant improved their knowledge and skills on renewable energy
ü  They saw a wave power plant that is not found in many countries and have learned the mechanism of operation first-hand
ü  They learned to oppose strongly with increased knowledge and skills against those who argue that fossil fuels are the only alternative and that it is not possible to give up
ü  They realized that the industry could successfully be integrated with the sustainable environment
ü  They learned the concept of eco-friendly high school
ü  They had the opportunity to practice about energy saving, recycling and green energy (at home and in the community) effectively.
ü  They realized the relationship between recycling, renewable energy, global warming and climate change
ü  They improved their English proficiency and  ICT skills
ü  They learned Spanish culture, language, education system and noticed cultural wealth
ü  They found opportunities to strengthen the international dimension of education with good examples
ü  They have understood on STEM education by combining natural sciences with technology
ü  They gained skills such as teamwork, defending, interpreting, analyzing an idea
ü  Participating teachers have developed their knowledge and skills in educationally adapting renewable energy sources to their curriculum
ü  Theachers had the opportunity to meet and cooperate with their European colleagues and they gained a network for further coooperations.