1. We, in Romania, have a special programe called ’’The Green Week’’, which was first included in the educational system in 2022. ’’The Green Week’’ is supposed to bring into the attention of the students the importance of recycling and protecting the environment. Every year, each school from Romania chooses the week which best suits their schedule and implement special green activities with their students, but they have to stick to a given period, that is between 27th February and 16th June.

Last school year, we had ”The Green Week” in the last week of March, when students coordinated by a couple of teachers, engaged themselves in a powerful cleaning activity on the  side of Timis river. The activity consisted in collecting plastic, paper and everything that was garbage.

3. Regarding the activity of designing various products from waste materials, in December last year, our school attended such a contest, which was organised by an organisation called ADID Timis. The contest was a regional one, only a few cities could attend it, so we decided to give it a try as well. Three students of ours, coordinated by a cuople of teachers, designed some objects such as handmade soups, decorative Christmas bottles and jewellery holders. They used materials like recycled oils, paper, glass, plastic and metal. Overall, it was an experience which had the purpose of teaching students, but not only, that every material around us matters and can be used in different ways if only you let your creativity go.